7 Ways to Build a Robot “Wealth Building” Army, How to Build Wealth in your 40s

wealth building robot army

7 ways to build a wealth building “robot” army!

WOW Stocks For 2023

Wow Stocks Dwight

WOW Stocks for 2023 I will enter 2023 once again in a defensive investment and personal finance posture. Whereas I am cautiously optimistic that some of the worst market carnage is behind us, one never knows and many risks still persist. Will the elusive artificial recession arrive? Will pandemic disruptions return? How will I be prepared for … Read more

Robinhood, CashApp, Cash Back

cash back cashapp robinhood

CashApp allows stock trading on their platform. We at themoneyvikings.net wanted to take both of them for a test drive to see which is better.

How to Be Successful – Sometimes It’s What We DON’T do That Makes Us Successful – 10 Ways For Success

how to be successful

Sometimes It’s What We Don’t Do That Makes Us Successful. The bottomline is to stay away from the negative life sucking stuff and you will most likely wind up living a strong Money Viking life. Avoiding life sucking activities will free up our time, energy, creativities and passions for more fruitful and life building success.

The Investing Trifecta – Create a Massive Wealth Machine : The 3 Pronged Approach

investing trifects

We have been investing for over 30 plus years now. I realized about 10 years ago that my success had come down to 3 main practices/concepts. And they had nothing to do with insider knowledge, being a genius, market timing or having a rich dad. It came down to being “brilliant at the basics”. Why … Read more

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